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Bruce Arfsten

Bruce ArfstenBruce Arfsten

Expertise in:  Career Development, Communication and Presentations, and Leadership


Bruce Arfsten is a seasoned trainer, speaker and sales professional. With a background that includes more than 25 years of sales, customer service and hospitality, he brings real-world experience to every presentation. A committed lifelong learner, Bruce is a student of human behavior, fascinated by what drives us and makes us who we are as our habits and mindset map out our life story. As an Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator, Bruce specializes in working with organizations to help them improve internal relationships and communication. By helping the participants gain an understanding of their own individual behavior and personality styles, they are then able to recognize and value the differences in the various styles of their team. He has a passion for helping others along their growth journey as they strive for excellence and tap into their full potential.

When you need help on your creative and other technology projects, Brusce can help with video production, post-production, editing, as well as Zoom consulting and meeting production. He brings a wide array of graphic design skills to your projects including: flyers, brochures, eBooks, screen captures, presentation materials, and so much more. Additionally, he can provide screen capture training and tutorials.