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Client Testimonials

Thank you for bringing the interactive and fun DiSC experience to Trinity Rail! Excellent communication skills are essential for any business, and they are especially critical during our current state of rapid growth as we expand and diversify our workforce.  You and your team continue after 20 years  to bring relevant sales, management and communication skills training to our organization.   Your facilitation style is engaging and entertaining – always a great recipe for training that ‘sticks’. - Lynne Storey, VP Customer Service at Trinity Rail

"Mary Anne has an exceptional gift of translating centuries-old wisdom in the art of sales and negotiation into such a PRACTICAL process that all of our staff immediately applied on the first day of training. Regardless of what industry your firm may be in, her transfer of knowledge is immediately applicable. She was so good, we flew her to Mexico to train our Latin American teams with equally-engaging results. Thank you Mary Anne."  - Jaime Garzaro, Co-Founder & Managing Director at exoVentures, LLC 

"I would highly recommend Mary Anne due to her professional manner and excellent presentation skills. She certainly is a "master" within a classroom situation while maintaining full control and attention. Learning is an ease, and retention is incredible! She will make an indelible mark upon you, and you, like I, will be better for it." - Michael Ranshaw Bilingual Sr Leader - Exec | Grows profits with Operations, Sales, Finance and Process expertise | Food Ind. background

"Mary Anne has proven to be an incredible resource to our corporation. She is able to quickly assess the room and drill down through material to make it transferable to all levels. She truly embodies what you look for in a Business Partner when she takes on a client. She is incredibly well-versed in a variety of disciplines so makes for a nice long-term relationship. I would recommend her for any organizational development need from coaching to sales or leadership training, to assessments. She is always at the top of her game and is not content until she has given her very best. I wouldn't hesitate a second in using her again in the future." - Stacy Winsett, VP/SVP Human Resources

  "Mary Ann's Professional Sales course is producing measurable results for our sales team...and has from day one of her 3 day course. She has equipped our sales people with practical tools that get the prospect engaged and the sales process moving forward."

"Our sales people are producing results. From the newest to the most experienced they are able to successfully adopt Mary Ann's training and take their selling skills and selling results to the next level!" - Mike Efting President at Viachem, Ltd and Owner, Viachem, Ltd

"Mary Anne puts the "professional" in Professional Trainer. Mary Anne has an engaging personality and presence, and is able to train any professional in any industry to excel to the top of their game. She possesses an understanding of professional excellence that transcends any particular industry, by tapping into the professional's desire to deliver the best, no matter the situation. Mary Anne's expertise and professionalism does not disappoint, and an organization would be fortunate to have the opportunity to access her services."  - Ginger Matthews Small Business Building and Career Coaching

"Excellent Job at the NAWDP in Albuquerque this week! You rocked the house with a standing-room-only crowd. Your expertise in "Working with Difficult People" really hit home. I would recommend this workshop!" Loree Scott Account Manager -Workforce Network, Inc.

"Mary Anne has provided our company with quality training on a variety of topics. Her high energy creative approach engages the participants. We have had excellent feedback from each class she has provided. She has even written training to meet our current needs. I look forward to continuing to work with Mary Anne in the future." - Melanee Landry, MBA Manager of Talent Development at Cornerstone Healthcare Group, MBA

"Mary Anne is one of the most energetic and dynamic women I know. I highly recommend her for any speaking, training or consulting needs you have. If she can’t help, she will connect you with someone who can." - Fred Herbert Business Performance & Transformation Coach | Author of "How to Prepare Your Business For Sale" | Six Sigma Black Belt

"Mary Anne adds energy and builds collaboration in any environment. She has a natural knack for business and getting the best results from the people around her. I'm constantly amazed at what a giving person she is and how she is totally in tune with what is needed in every situation."  - Elena Rohweder Bilingual Marketing & Communications

"It is such a treat to work with Mary Anne. She displays the utmost in professionalism. She is well known for her expertise in her field and always delivers on her promises. Her attention to detail and forward thinking lends to always bringing new ideas to the table. She does all of this and never forgets to incorporate FUN into what she does! Two thumbs up!"- Mr. Timothy J. Lovick, LUTCF Senior Financial Consultant

"Mary Anne has been engaged on a number of occasions to deliver courses, design content and assist with consulting projects. She has never backed down from a challenge and has always represented me in a very professional manner. Over the past 7 or 8 years, she has been a perfect partner. Thank you Mary Anne for always being there. I am deeply grateful for your help." - Christina Parr, M.S., M.B.A. [Corporate] Global Organizational Development (OD) Leadership and Learning Leader at Toppan Photomasks

"It was a great class that I am glad I was unable to get out of ! This past week I have not had any complaints and they are getting their jobs done faster each day. Your leadership classes have not just helped me learn to be a better manager; you have also given me the opportunity and privilege to pass the knowledge down. I want to thank you both for how much you truly care about people." - Josh Fuhrer

"I can assure you that this is THE best investment that our company could have ever made for the management group. Since returning from work after the first two day session I have been able to approach daily task at a different angle and I am getting better results. With the class completed I can put all the pieces together and see what I need to do as a manager to build a better team, boost morale, motivate, direct, and ultimately lead my group through this year with success. Thank You!"  - Brian Sizemore

"You guys have really opened up my eyes to see some of the faults that I have. I will use the tools that you and the group have given me to be a better leader and employee for the Company. I pledge to be a better listener and work on my communication skills.”  - Mike Chauvin

"After 26 years of sales, when I got here I was burned out – I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm & motivation. I’ve had formal training 20+ years ago but I needed to be retrained on the steps of the sale. Finally after a very long time I feel excited about sales again and I’m looking forward to putting my new tools & knowledge to work for OSES."  Mark King

"Highly valuable training for every level of the sales force." - Tony Furniss, Oil States Energy Services Int'l

"After attending your workshop, I obtained my first $100,000 donation." - Cindy Scott, Major Gifts Officer, Children's Medical Center

"As expected, great course, taught by great people. Thank you for caring. It shows." - Timothy Haynes, Oil States Energy Services Int'l

"While VP of Sales at Time Warner Cable in Houston, Texas, our call center experienced a 51% growth in digital cable sales in one year." - Craig Thompson, Former Sr. VP of Sales, Time Warner

"After 26 years of sales, when I got here at Peak Performance Solutions workshop I was burned out – I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm & motivation. I’ve had formal training 20+ years ago but I needed to be retrained on the steps of the sale. Finally after a very long time I feel excited about sales again and I’m looking forward to putting my new tools & knowledge to work ..." - Mark Wood, Oil States Energy Services Int'l

"We can’t let this sales training die. I believe that for the first time in 20 years our people were given a track to run on. Now we have a tool kit to keep them on track.” - Wanda Spears, Regional Sales Director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

"I have felt a rebirth or renaissance in the attitudes of the staff. The feedback has been positive and quite frankly, they want more. You really provide tremendous enthusiasm."  - David Knouse, Former Manager, The Palm Restaurant, Dallas Texas

"You guys are wonderful motivational speakers and teachers. Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone." - Joycelyn Verot, Oil States Energy Services Int'l

"Since I’ve adopted this new strategy, I truly can book a week’s worth of appointments within one-half hour on the telephone."  - Cynthia Tierney Adams

"I really appreciate the passion Mary Anne & Roy apply to their training – very professional and sincere! " - Theodore D. Meyers, Oil States Energy Services Int'l

“I had the opportunity to have a sales training with Mary Anne which it was the best training I´ve ever had in my life! She is a lovely person and conducted the training in an extremely creative way!” - Margaret MendesDiretora de Vendas at Solaris Technologies, Inc

“Mary Anne is a tremendous asset to any organization and to the ASTD (SIG) members. She is relentless in helping members to brain storm new ideas using a process of creating "team synergies" to push our inner creativity! She is a positive source of energy and her presence is greatly appreciated!” - Dexter R. Evans EBSCO Corp Account Manager

“Mary Anne really knows her stuff! She can help you put your business on track with her process. I have known Mary Anne a long time and worked with her more than once. I consider her a trusted consultant.” - Scott Ellison, LUTCF Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network