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EPIC Admin Account

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Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors EPIC Account

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is the online, Wiley administrative portal used for issuing both DiSC and Five Behaviors assessments.

Benefits of having your own EPIC Account:

  • Completed profiles are branded to your organization and the respondent splash page.
  • Create customized messaging for invites to take an assessment or send a note after completion.
  • Ability to run additional reports including Team View, Group Reports and even Comparisons.
  • Organize reports by department, divisions, specific teams, etc…

EPIC Credits: Credits are the currency used to issue assessments. Each assessment is assigned a “Credit value” and deducted upon issuing. You can fund the account by buying credit from us at any time. 

Administration FAQ

  • What happens if someone does not complete the issued assessment? With a simple click of a button in EPIC, you can recall the invitation link and the credits are refunded into your account. 
  • Do Credits Expire? No, they never expire.
  • How do we get trained on the EPIC Account? We will spend time on a virtual call helping you navigate through the system, and we also have aids and tutorials. We are always there to support and assist you when needed.
  • Can I use credits to purchase training resources? No, Credits are only used to issue Wiley DiSC and Five Behaviors assessments.
  • Are assessments available in other languages? Yes. However assessments in other languages may require a different credit amount. Contact us to find out the price and Wiley approval process for using other languages. 

Purchasing an EPIC Administrator Account:

EPIC Admin Account Set Up includes (set-up fee $243), virtual training on how to use the account, and 500 EPIC Credits (retail value $2700) to get you started - ALL for just $2,665! 

Purchasing Additional EPIC Credits

If you have an EPIC account and need to fund it, you can purchase EPIC Credits from us by clicking here, and then issue Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors assessments as needed.

Are you looking to buy Everything DiSC or Five Behavior assessments (credits) without an EPIC account? We can administer through our account, however retail pricing will apply.

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