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Mike Lafferty


Mike Lafferty

Expertise in:  Organizational Development, Performance Improvement 

Mike works with senior corporate leaders who are not getting results when trying to improve productivity and they’re feeling frustrated. He helps them increase profitability by addressing the root issues that are getting in the way of business performance improvement. Combining practical business experience with people skills, technical background, and tenacity, he solves the tough problems. He’s tackled projects that address process, culture, people interface, and product problems in very large global enterprises as well a mid-sized companies. Mike is known for an ability to overcome barriers to success, both for organizations and for individuals. He is a sought-after coach for mid-level and executive leaders. He has a unique ability to help individuals uncover the barriers to their growth and address them in a safe, learning context.

He came up through engineering and line management before becoming a Business Excellence and Organizational Development professional. He’s a relational person and people find him easy to connect with and feel comfortable around.

With 20-plus years of management responsibility, Mike is exceptionally effective in bringing leaders of differing views together, aligning goals, keeping focus, solving problems, and developing leaders to achieve measurable results.