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Everything DiSC Manual

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HR and talent management professionals look to Everything DiSC to develop individuals in the areas of leadership, management training, sales training, and team building. The Everything DiSC Manual is the professional's comprehensive guide to the research that supports the Everything DiSC suite of assessments.

A 247-page paperback book which allows reader to access the deep research and theory behind Everything DiSC®. It provides an in-depth overview of the DiSC model and the various applications associated with DiSC.

The Everything DiSC Manual provides coverage on the following key topics:

  • Research supporting the validity and reliability of the DiSC styles
  • An overview of DiSC as it intersects with current psychological theory
  • Case studies modeling the proper interpretation of the tool
  • DiSC as it applies to gender, ethnicity, and education

Table of Contents inlcudes:
Chapter 1 DiSC Overview and Theory
Chapter 2 Methodology of Development
Chapter 3 Administration and Scoring of the Assessment
Chapter 4 The DiSC Scales and Styles: Reliability and Validity
Chapter 5 Demographic Considerations
Chapter 6 The Everything DiSC Applications
Chapter 7 The Everything DiSC Comparison Report
Chapter 8 Interpretation of Results

Please note: The Everything Disc manual does not provide help with facilitation techniques, which may be found in the Certification training or Facilitaiton Kits. However, it may answer questions learners might have about the assessments and profiles.

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