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Selling with Style

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1.00 LBS

Better communication equals improved sales relationships. Learn how to adapt to assist the wide range of customer styles in order to connect quickly and communicate effectively.  Attendees learn to adapt presentations and discussions to meet the buyer’s needs and preferences using DiSC®.   The DiSC Sales Map and selling profile reveals each participant’s sales style, priorities, strengths, and challenges.  Participants learn to recognize and understand customers’ buying styles and, most importantly, how to make sales presentations based on the communication preferences of the prospect.  At the end of this session, participants will have an awareness that allows them to bridge gaps and increase effectiveness.

Benefits:  This time-tested DiSC model assists your sales and service professionals to connect quickly with the wide range of customer personalities.  This new connection can increase your sales and result in more profits for your company.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase sales effectiveness by learning the basics of human behavior

  • Recognize personal selling style, strengths and challenges

  • Have a process for reading the styles of customers

  • Understand how each style approaches the buying process

  • See what motivates each style to take action on an idea or offer

  • Utilize strategies and words to adapt personal behavior

  • Increase customer satisfaction scores


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