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Service that Sells

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1.00 LBS

Introduces the communication skills necessary to develop trust with customers.   These skills may be applied to external as well as internal customers alike.  Participants will develop interpersonal skills that enable them to build long-term customer relationships, increase sales (if applicable) and lessen customer complaints. Will examine time-tested customer service skills and be able to demonstrate them in a way that facilitates understanding, excitement and results.

Benefits:  You will retain more customers by equipping your team with communication skills that allows them to display competence and professionalism as they deliver exemplary service.  Your employees will learn how to make every customer feel like a valued client and Increase call-to-close ratios.

Learning Objectives:

  • Convey professionalism throughout the encounter

  • Communicate respectfully and effectively

  • Calm the upset customer

  • Barriers to listening and improving listening effectiveness

  • Suggestively sell other services and products

  • Reduce the comment, “Let me talk to your Supervisor”


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