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The Art of Skillful Negotiations

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1.00 LBS

Participants learn what it takes to win in today’s business environment.  This includes knowing the deference between negotiating and selling as well as the traits of great negotiators.  Six essential steps of the negotiation process are discussed and plans for successful implementation of strategies learned are made.   These steps include: Knowing products/services, researching customer, preparing for meeting, transitioning, negotiating, and communicating effectively, and closing.

Benefits:  Your sales or service staffs learn to set limits for the negotiation encounter by knowing your business as well as products and services the customer needs are for a successful encounter. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance skills to create a “win-win” experience
  • Define difference between negotiating and selling
  • Negotiate contracts, purchase and deals
  • Explain to a long time vendor why things are changing
  • Communicate value versus price in negotiations
  • Refine professional communication skills

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