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Fundamental Management Skills

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Learn the top reasons for and against being a supervisor or manager.  Becoming a new supervisor means added responsibilities, different challenges and unique rewards. The opportunity to delve into real-world situations and gain the required insight to jumpstart a successful supervisory role is provided.  Supervisors will learn  essential core management skills: leadership and coaching; decision making and problem solving; process improvement, as well as motivating oneself and others. Additionally, participants become skilled at successful communication and delivery of feedback.

Benefits:  Do your supervisory candidates know the set of skills they need to be most effective?  Should your supervisors to be proficient at planning, communicating, coaching, decision making, and problem solving?  If so, you need to provide then with the confidence to handle new interactions with the right responses.  This offers these skills in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply methodology that helps your supervisors to reach their full potential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Own the responsibilities that go with the role
  • Develop leadership expectations and attitudes
  • Understand fundamental application of skills including problem solving, decision making, motivating, delegating, championing change 
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with team members and employees
  • Give feedback in a way that inspires performance
  • Create a hunger for learning

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