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Sales Boot Camp

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Peak Performers “Circle of Sales Excellence” - One-Day Sales Boot Camp - AVAILABLE ONLY UPON REQUEST

Per participant pricing will be based on final boot camp design.  Contact us for proposals and estimates.

At the end of this session, you will walk away with confidence and interesting statements to approach new and existing prospects and clients that convey value and put their needs “first, last, and always”.


Opening, Introduction, and Attributes of Sales Professionals

Lesson 1 - The Overview:  Managing Activity

Lesson 2 - The Sales Process

Lesson 3 - The Art of Engagement: Marketing and Messaging

Lesson 4 - Building the Relationship

Lesson 5 - The Art of Questioning

Lesson 6 – Making the Sales Presentation – “The Close Line”

Lesson 7 – Intro to Objections

Pre-Work:  Read “The Sales Messenger” by Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis


To register for training session:

Once you have entered your desired quantity (number of seats you desire), go to your shopping cart and verify it shows your order.  If you do not see your order form the top cart icon, click refresh and it should update.  Then you can select "Proceed to Checkout"

Step 1 - Account Details will open.   If you do not wish to have an account, choose to checkout as a "Guest." From the cart, when you click "Proceed to Checkout" you will go to an new screen with options.

Step 2 -  Billing & Account Details will open where you enter your seat registration details.  PLEASE NOTE that all fields are not auto-filled so you may need to scroll down to verify all the fields are completed, if you miss the empty field message your cart will not be saved. Be sure "I also want to ship to this address" is selected. After entering your information, click "Bill & Ship to This Address".

Step 3 - Shipping Details will be skipped due to selecting "I also want to ship to this address" in previous step

Step 4 - Shipping Method will open, verify you want FREE and "Continue."

Step 5 - Order Confirmation should open.  Scroll down on to enter your coupon code (if you have 1) and click "Apply." Once the total is updated, you can scroll down to "How would you like to pay?" and choose your preference, then click "Proceed to Payment."

Step 6 - Payment Details – enter your choices and submit your order.

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