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The Sales Messenger Book: 10 Lessons for Sales Success in Your Business and Personal Life

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Selling is the art of convincing people to your way of thinking, and it is not just isolated to products or services. It is also related to ideas. As master communicator Brian Dodge once said, "For those of you who have children, if you ain't selling them, someone else is." The Sales Messenger is especially beneficial to sales professionals, but it is also a practical, informative book that can benefit anyone—because everybody is selling something in one form or another. Whether you are trying to sell a product or service for your company, or even if you are just "selling" your husband or wife on the idea or concept of relocating to a new state, at some point and time you are selling. You might also be selling yourself in a job interview, selling your children on the concept of doing the right thing, or as a campaign manager you might be helping to sell a political candidate. This book will help you gain the basic knowledge and improve the skills necessary to become more effective at selling any idea, product or service. The Sales Messenger is a back-to-the-basics guide with engaging chapters containing helpful assignments that reinforce its critical concepts.

Available in 176-page Paperback Book, e-Book (PDF or Kindle) version, or as an Audio Book.  Available in Spanish or English language transalations.

Author: Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis

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